Bratari crosetate

Bratari unicat, crosetate manual cu fir acrylic sau macrame, cu insertii acrylice colorate si furnituri metalice argintii. Lungime 16-18 cm, cu lant prelungire (pana la 23 cm) si latime app. 2,5 cm.

25 RONBratara crosetata Jaundice_00 Bratara crosetata Jaundice_01 Bratara crosetata Jaundice_02 Bratara crosetata Maroon_00 Bratara crosetata Maroon_01 Bratara crosetata Maroon_02 Bratara crosetata Purple_00 Bratara crosetata Purple_01 Bratara crosetata Purple_02 Bratara crosetata Red_00 Bratara crosetata Red_01 Bratara crosetata Red_02 Bratara crosetata Sapphirine_00 Bratara crosetata Sapphirine_01 Bratara crosetata Sapphirine_02


Warm in November

Set of jewelry (necklace, bracelet and earings) made by polymeric clay (Millefiori Technique), with beads and metal supplies.

60 RON

Late Autumn

Jewelry set (necklace, bracelet and earings) made by polymeric pieces (Millefiori Technique), with wood beads, metal supplies and coloured stone slices. 50 RON

Red Lace

Jewelry set (necklace, bracelet and earings) made by polymeric pieces (Millefiori Techinique), with red lace, silver metal supplies and red stone slices.

50 RON


Bracelet made by wood and paper using “The Afrikans” quilling technique, with metal clasp and  ajustable size. By request, cand be povided many colours and combined sets (necklace, earrings, bracelets) with memory wire or other supplies.

25 RON

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