Bratari crosetate

Bratari unicat, crosetate manual cu fir acrylic sau macrame, cu insertii acrylice colorate si furnituri metalice argintii. Lungime 16-18 cm, cu lant prelungire (pana la 23 cm) si latime app. 2,5 cm.

25 RONBratara crosetata Jaundice_00 Bratara crosetata Jaundice_01 Bratara crosetata Jaundice_02 Bratara crosetata Maroon_00 Bratara crosetata Maroon_01 Bratara crosetata Maroon_02 Bratara crosetata Purple_00 Bratara crosetata Purple_01 Bratara crosetata Purple_02 Bratara crosetata Red_00 Bratara crosetata Red_01 Bratara crosetata Red_02 Bratara crosetata Sapphirine_00 Bratara crosetata Sapphirine_01 Bratara crosetata Sapphirine_02



“Indiana”, colier din hartie recilata si lemn, lacuite, diverse culori (la cerere), rezistente la umezeala. Lungime totala, 55-70 cm.

30 RONIndiana_00 Indiana_01 Indiana_02 Indiana_03 Indiana_04 Indiana_05

Old&New together; code: 001

Bowl full of recycled paper and processed manually, suitable for dry items mostly (but water resistant, too). 50RONIMG_4768 New Antiques_00 New Antiques_01

Fruit or bread basket

Paper craft, water resistant. 30 RON

Cos pentru paine sau fructe_00 Cos pentru paine sau fructe_01 IMG_7598

Warm in November

Set of jewelry (necklace, bracelet and earings) made by polymeric clay (Millefiori Technique), with beads and metal supplies.

60 RON

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