Old&New together; code: 001

Bowl full of recycled paper and processed manually, suitable for dry items mostly (but water resistant, too). 50RONIMG_4768 New Antiques_00 New Antiques_01


Fruit or bread basket

Paper craft, water resistant. 30 RON

Cos pentru paine sau fructe_00 Cos pentru paine sau fructe_01 IMG_7598


Bracelet made by wood and paper using “The Afrikans” quilling technique, with metal clasp and  ajustable size. By request, cand be povided many colours and combined sets (necklace, earrings, bracelets) with memory wire or other supplies.

25 RON

Red Afrikans

Three wires string made by paper using the “Afrikans” technique; with sttelate nuts supplies and brilliant vernish.

35 RON

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